The Strategy of web pages to maximize contents value

When you actually write web page, you have to be aware that the page have to be suitable for search engine's result.  Search engine is system to answer user's questions, and your page have to contains answer and make searchers be aware of that.

What is the useful page

Optimize single page

The basic of content SEO is creating a useful page. This is the most effective search engine optimization, and it starts from here.

The first thing you have to do is what is useful page. When you research competitor's web pages actually ranked in, you can find these pages are very useful to find information the searcher want.

And by research the link status by Ahrefs Site Explorer or opensiteexplorer, you can find some cases that a site with fewer external inbound links and page volume wins greater sites.

That means the most important factor to rank is not the number of inbound links and page volume. It is usability of each page.

And useful page has following feature.

Perfectly fit for reader's demand

The page answers perfectly for searcher's demand. This is the first condition. And the title and description seem to do like that.

And the content contains enough information. The page has proper volume and it contains essential facts. When the essential informations is completely covered, reader feels comfortable.

Cover necessary additional information for the demand

When readers read the page, sometimes they come to want to know relevant information which is necessary to satisfy their demand more and more.

If the page links to the pages which mention about them, readers are satisfied with the content.

Attractive title and description

The first thing you have to aware of is the title of the page. When your page is ranked in the SERP, the title and description appears on it.

Title suitable for user's question

The title have to be suitable for the question. You do not have to make prodigally impressive title and description.

The most important thing is that searchers feel the page contains answer of their question. How much the title is impressive, users do not click the result without what they want to know now.

Otherwise, the title is not so impressive, but it looks to answer their question, they will come to your web page.

Avoid duplicated title and description

When you write contents about specified theme, sometimes you write same thing from other point of view. That has no problem. But you have to show the content's point of view is different from other pages to search engine and humans.

The title and description is the solution to do that. Therefore you have to avoid duplicated or almost same title and description.

In order to do that, you have to make effective website's structure. It will help to arrange pages correctly.

One theme for one page

One theme for one page is basic strategy to write actual web page's content. But when you actually execute it, you will face to the problem how much the theme's size and information.

Size and information quantity of theme for the page

Abstract theme contains a lot of information, and concrete one contains little.

The abstraction level of theme have to be suitable for user's demand. You have to make following pages to answer the question.

  • demand for summary of what they want to know
  • The detail procedure to do something

Search engine users have many variety of skill and knowledge level. Therefore there are a lot of opportunities to create pages. And proper content structure supports to cover them.

Image user's question

When you write summary page, it is easy to write it if the detail pages are correctly organized. But it is difficult to make detail content pages.

When you start zero based website, access from long tail keywords is very important, and it is essential first step to rank up. If you can acquire access from long tail keywords, it is a very big advantage for a new website.

In order to write contents for collecting it, you have to image user's questions. Then you can image what to write, and keywords they input into the search engine's form naturally.

Internal links' value max (metric is not page)

After you write page's contents, don't satisfy with them. There are one more important task you must do. It is build internal links between pages.

The content management system generates internal links to implement structure of the website. But it is not enough. You have to add links from body of the page contents.

This is maybe a troublesome task if you do not be aware of building them from the first time. But the search engine can not evaluate your website's quality enough without them. And internal links are the very metric to evaluate website's value.

Therefore I recommends you to use the number of high quality internal links as the main metric of website's value, instead of amount of pages.

Suggest next page to read

Especially on writing main contents, you had better suggest next page to read. This is very effective to increase the value of the page and linked page.

That is because the suggested page has strongly relevant keywords for same demands, therefore search engine detect is as high quality web page's signal, and make your your website rank up.

And whether you can do it naturally or not is one of index to determine the website is suitable for content marketing or not.

Actually create comprehensive website's with the contents

After you understood the policy to create actual web pages, let's think how to create it with content management system and blog.

The main contents managed by the content management system and blog posts are different. And by understanding the difference, that helps to cover wide topics by website's contents with proper information structure.
Effective usage of Main Contents and Blog

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